Medical Tourism


In India, medicinal treatments include low cost, availability of the latest technologies, and compliance with globalization quality standards, including the fact that tourists are not experiencing any communication problems in India.

Promoted by the government and due to the corporate reverberation in medical care, India is being considered as the preferred destination of medicinal tourists who cross their national borders to be cheaper than their home countries. Medical Tourism is referred to as the multi-billion dollar industry introduced by governments.

Patients who are traveling abroad for their medical treatment do so for several reasons. The elite of developing countries do not want to provide treatment in their countries. Thus, the influx of patients from the Gulf countries and Bangladesh is being seen in private hospitals in India.

United States patients seek treatment 5 to 10 times in their country. However, public-funded health insurance is not able to manage with the increasing demands of the growing aged population, patients from other countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada travel to India beating the large waiting period for procedures.

Hair Transplant is one of the successful treatments in India

Low health does not cause low treatment costs. Sometimes foreign patients visiting India take time to locate a good clinic. However, patients coming for treatment like hair transplants do not stay longer, they only come for a week. If seen, it is also convenient for them. Many of our patients who come for the procedure prefer to travel to the city or nearby destinations.

Mostly, medical tourists generally receive a package that includes their treatments, hotels, flight tickets, safety, location tour, and accommodation.

Today's Punjab is an ideal destination for medical tourism due to the availability of quality services by clinics or hospitals. The state is more popular with the existence of good infrastructure.

Punjab has the largest number of medical tourists every year in India as it has world-class hospitals and provides top medical facilities to its customers. Amritsar is the most attractive city due to its history and is now attracting thousands of medicinal tourists globally.

Being the most experienced surgeon and doctor in the city, the city is also known for its hair treatment.

Golden Esthetics is one of the best clinics in Amritsar for your hair treatment. We operated 1000+ of our patients with successful results. We offer FUE hair transplant at affordable prices to our overseas patients. We also provide other facilities for our customers as we have tie-ups with the top hotels and travel agencies in the cities.

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You can reach Amritsar by air, train or road from other states of the country and abroad. Amritsar is also connected to the international airports of Delhi and Chandigarh and is the best option for foreign patients to travel to the city.

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