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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

Rhinoplasty, also referred to as ‘nose job’, is a nose plastic surgery in India as well as other countries that is conducted to correct the shape of the nose by modifying the cartilage or bone of it.

Why Rhinoplasty?

When a person meets with an accident, has some breathing problems, birth defects or is unhappy with the shape of the nose then he/she might undergo this surgery. It helps in correcting the shape of the nose and is considered as one of the most common surgery people undergo worldwide.

Reasons Why You Should Opt for this Surgery?

Apart from common reasons required for this surgery, you might undergo this surgery under certain situations like:

  • Parrot beak deformity or hump of the nose

  • A wide and bulky nose

  • Dropped nasal tip

  • Less gap between the nose tip and upper lip area

For other kinds, you can consult a cosmetic surgeon Dr. Harkirandeep Singh (with 6 years of experience) for better understanding about your surgery and get treated accordingly.


Depending upon the surgical procedure may require local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. After that, your doctor cuts in between or inside your nostrils to separate the skin from cartilage or bone to start reshaping your nose. Depending on your severity, the doctor might take additional cartilage either from the ear or deep inside of your nose. In rare cases, your doctor might need a bone graft. Generally, the procedure takes around 1 to 2 hours.

The changes that happen in the nose because of the surgery, include:

  • Change in size or angle of the nose

  • Reshaping of the tip of the nose

  • Creating a proper gap by narrowing of wide nostrils

  • Straightening the bone in the nose

After Effects of Surgery

After the surgery, you might see some swelling or bruising in your nose. It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for your swelling to settle. Apart from that, a splint in the nose was placed leading to difficulty in breathing. But all of these are temporary as everything gets settled around 3 months after surgery.

Like every other surgery, there are few risks involved in this surgery too like infection, numb nose, difficulty in breathing for some time etc. Even though these risks are not permanent as with time, the nose starts to heal and gives visible positive results.

Recovery From Surgery

After surgery, you would be monitored in a recovery room and if everything goes fine, you’ll be discharged later that day. Also, for a few days, you might experience drainage of mucus in the face. If everything goes fine, you will recover within a few weeks after surgery.


  • Resting while keeping your head elevated to reduce swelling and bleeding

  • Keeping your surroundings clean and hygienic

  • Using a dry and sanitised handkerchief for cleaning your nose

  • Avoid hot baths

  • Try to cough out the mucus from the mouth

  • Take as much rest as possible

  • Avoid physical activities like swimming, running etc.

Choosing a Surgeon

When it comes to choosing a cosmetic and plastic surgeon for your nose job, the experience would always matter. Dr. Harkirandeep Singh has experience of more than 6 years as a cosmetic surgeon. His experience would help you understand better about nose plastic surgery in India. With an expert like him having your back, you can trust him when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery. Because your satisfaction is our motto!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Undergoing the Surgery

  • Always consult an expert cosmetic and plastic surgeon

  • You should be able to freely discuss your expectations and fears about this surgery

  • You should appreciate the end result of your surgery