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Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery in India

Why Facelift Surgery?

This surgery is generally done to improve the appearance and boost confidence among people. As a person ages, the wrinkles in the skin start showing up giving an older look more than the actual age. In this case, the facelift surgery might prove to be a help. The ideal traits required for facelift surgery are:

  •  Skin Elasticity: Having a good facial elasticity helps in newly improved face contours after the skin is being tightened after surgery.

  •  Strong Bone Over Face: To have satisfying results after surgery, a well-defined bone structure benefits in this.

  •  Loose Skin On Face: Having loose skin over the face and neck helps the surgeon in trimming the loose skin and give a proper appearance of the face.

Procedure For Facelift Surgery

The foremost step in any plastic surgery is giving anaesthesia. After that, the surgeon makes cuts at the temple at the hairline continuing around till behind the ear. These cuts help in getting access to muscles and tissues beneath the skin. Depending on your need this surgery can last up to two to six hours. After the surgery, your face would be covered with stitches and bandages.

How Long Does It Take For The Recovery Process?

For the next two to three weeks after surgery, you might experience bruising and swelling over the face. Depending on your skin healing, you will start to heal. It is being seen that some people heal quicker than others.

Few days after the surgery, your doctor might remove the bandages and would recommend you with certain medications for pain and healing. It is necessary to make a follow-up appointment with your doctor in the next few weeks after surgery. The effects of this surgery last for the next five to ten years, making you look younger even after you age with time.

Choosing A Surgeon

Before undergoing facelift plastic surgery in India, the patient must know everything about their doctor such as his/her qualification, certification and success rate of different surgeries. Dr. Harkirandeep Singh is a renowned facial plastic surgeon at Golden Aesthetics in Amritsar, having more than 6 years of experience and does a thorough examination of the patient before undertaking the surgery. Patients can freely talk to him about their medical history with him and he’ll have your back during and after surgery.