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Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Punjab

When we look in the mirror, sometimes we don't see the importance of our eyebrows, as are the important components of our beautiful human face. And we appreciate the value of well-groomed eyebrows, only when we have already over-plucked them, accidentally cut off some of their parts, or simply lost it due to certain conditions.

Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Several factors can result in thinning or alopecia of the eyebrows. This can be either due to an over-plucking of the eyebrow's desire to perform self-care or it may be the result of some accidents, for example, physical or chemical trauma to the face.

A disease condition that can cause hair loss is also a possible cause. But in some cases, the only fact of a person's aging is that he can raise eyebrows.

Who needs an eyebrow hair transplant?

Anyone who suffers from thin eyebrows or eyebrow hair alopecia is considered a good candidate for the procedure. Also, patients must be generally healthy, ie they do not have any bleeding or clotting problems.

Is this a permanent solution?

Yes, eyebrows hair transplant operation is a permanent solution to the problem. You will enjoy a long-term growth of your eyebrow hair, and like pre-existing eyebrow hair, they will spread normally and eventually regenerate.

How is this done and where is donor hair taken from?

An eyebrow requires 250-400 different hairs during the eyebrows hair transplantation process: this is a sufficient number necessary to achieve a healthy-looking, natural eyebrow. The number of individual hairs subject to replacement may vary, depending on the patient's wish regarding the size and density of future eyebrows. In general, the FUE method is used.

Donor hair follicles are usually taken from either the other eyebrows, which have an area full of hair or on the area behind the ear or the upper thighs (this is common for women). The needles are then placed in the recipient area using small (a few millimeters in diameter). It is a delicate process requiring some caution and high professional skills.

Before the operation, a local anesthetic is applied so that the patient does not feel discomfort. There is no need for the patient to remain in the clinic after the transplant is completed, and may return home for a few days of recovery.

Total numbers of grafts are used

The entire process often requires 100–400 (or more) hair grafts. The number may vary for each individual (patient) and is also based on the surgeon's preoperative evaluation.

The precise location for implementation

The good thing about an eyebrow hair transplant surgery procedure is that it is performed on an outpatient basis.

Procedure Time

The duration of the procedure depends on the scale of work and is individualized with each patient. Typically, an eyebrow hair transplant procedure can last 5-6 hours.

Recovery Period

Since the process is carried out through modern quality equipment and minimally painful techniques, you can already go back to normal activities within 48 hours, provided that without taking part in any strenuous activities or contact sports.

Side Effects

Eyebrows hair transplant means the least risk. Unwanted results often affect hair growth in the wrong direction. In such cases, it can be improved by training the hair to inherit the direction of neighboring hair.

Period - Final Result

The growth of implanted eyebrows will become noticeable in 4-6 months after the operation. But you can expect implanted eyebrow hair to spread around 3-5 post-surgery weeks. This is a natural process. The final results can be expected in the 10th month. The complete development and coverage process is fully observable.

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