Trust Golden Aesthetics for the Latest Hair Gain Therapies

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Trust Golden Aesthetics for the Latest Hair Gain Therapies

Losing hair is an inseparable part of any normal growth and replacement cycle. Practically, heredity accounts for 95% of this baldness while the remaining 5% can be due to several other factors like diet, stress, illness, medications, etc. But regaining the lost hair is possible with the help of many hair therapies. The Golden Aesthetics Clinic based at Amritsar has come up with some such therapies which are worth trying.

About Golden Aesthetics 

At Golden Aesthetics, we have a good understanding of the various causes of hair loss and the stress associated with it. Hence, we offer some unparalleled proficiency in the treatment of baldness and hair restoration techniques. Apart from hair transplantation, the other treatments in this domain are PRP therapy and mesotherapy. We believe in ultimate quality service and hence adhere to some of the best safety standards and hygiene while performing any procedure.

Dr. Harkirandeep Singh, a board-certified and highly qualified plastic,cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who has a rich experience of about 6 years is heading our clinic. He has a basic urge to stay up-to-date with the emerging concepts in aesthetic surgery. He is known for attending most of the conferences and workshops, at national and international level. His association with the clinic has helped us render excellent services to our patients.

The two hair gain therapies 

1. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy – PRP therapy designed for hair loss patients initiates natural growth of hair and maintains it by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles.This treatment improves the quality of hair roots and stimulates hair growth.

In this process a small amount of blood (50 ml) is extracted from the patient’s body. Then the platelet-rich plasma is separated using a centrifugation technology. Next, this plasma is injected directly into the affected area of the scalp by the surgeon. 

Some of the pros of this treatment process is, it is safe, has no side-effects or downtime, free from any kind of allergies and you can expect instant results. 

The treatment takes about 2 to 4 months for visible results to show which includes atleast3 to 5 sittings. We at Golden Aesthetics have performed several PRP therapy cases and the patients are happy with the satisfactory results.

2. Mesotherapy –This is a kind of non-surgical hair loss therapy which also helps in speeding up the hair growth. In this procedure a special gun with a sterile needle containing nutrients is inserted in the mid layer of the scalp.This is a tissue friendly fluid that contains various nutrients. 

The procedure has various benefits like it is pain-free, safe, fast recovery, minimal side-effects, economical compared to the other hair treatments and has no significant downtime.

The entire process is divided into 8 sessions of 30 minutes each and requires around 4 to 5 weeks to get the visible results. Once you complete the procedure, you will be asked to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and sticking to a balanced diet.

So, book at appointment with us today and experience these latest therapies under the care of our expert team of doctors.