Why Grafts Fall After Hair Transplant?

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Why Grafts Fall After Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant has gradually emerged as one of the most popular forms of restoring the hair. However, you have to keep in mind various aspects before going ahead with the surgical procedure. One of the major queries of the patients undergoing hair transplantation is the reason for the graft to fall. The major reason for transplanted hair to fall down is the resumption of activity within a period of two to five days. The patients must remember that the newly grafted hair can fall down after a period of two to three weeks and it is a normal activity. On the other hand, the scalp can take some time for the hair to regrow.

Ideally, the growth of hair starts again after a few months and you can expect about 60% of growth in about six to nine months. After this, the growth of hair increases and the person can view the final results after some time. A few surgeons amalgamate various techniques for early growth of hair.

Stopping the Fall of Transplanted Hair

Those people undergoing the procedure of hair transplant must follow a few steps and take proper care before undergoing the surgery to prevent the loss of hair grafts. Remember that it is never too late to start, but you have to stop the outcome that is not desirable. It is necessary for the person to take proper measures for early hair growth. Here are a few steps you need to follow to stop the fall of hair grafts.
• You must wash your hair twice a day, but avoid going to the salon for hair spa before undergoing the surgery.
• It is necessary to avoid taking hard drugs or antibiotics or aspirin. However, when you recover from an illness or a disease, you have to consult with the surgeon before hoping head with the surgery.
• You must stop taking any supplements, vitamins, and withdraw from the consumption of alcohol or smoke before the surgery.
• Finally, you have to take proper care of your hair after the surgery and take the necessary vitamins or nutrients for your hair. Try to use the shampoo your surgeon or doctor suggests after the surgery.
You may be able to stop the fall of hair grafts immediately after the transplantation.

When it comes to the procedure of hair transplantation, there is a procedure of hair wash to follow for enhancing the durability of the process. Read the following to know the process.

1. After the completion of the third day of the transplantation procedure, you can wash your hair gently during the time of bath and try to avoid creating too much pressure on the area of follicular implantation.
2. Similarly, on the third and the fifth day of the procedure, it is essential to use a small glass or jar to wash the area of the roots. 
3. Make sure you comb the hair carefully to avoid moving the roots that are newly planted.
4. Do not use hair dryers during the first few weeks after the surgery, especially those with hot air.
Once the flakes situated around the planted roots fall off, you can go ahead with curling, cutting, or dying hair. When you follow these steps properly, you can prevent the fall of hair grafts.