What You Need To Know About Your Tummy Tuck Recovery

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What You Need To Know About Your Tummy Tuck Recovery

The tummy tuck is one of the most popular procedures performed on men and women equally. Despite the popularity of this surgery, many people are yet to know what to expect during the recovery and the time taken for it so that it becomes easier for people to recover.

Variance of time

It is hard to get the right answer when it comes to the recovery time of tummy tuck. Similar to the other surgeries, there is a time frame, but the recovery relies on various factors.

·         Age of the individual.

·         Type of tummy tucks procedure.

·         Care to be taken during post-surgery.

·         The general health of the individual.

After the completion of the procedure, the surgeon is going to discuss a few more options when it comes to the recovery timeline, but most of the patients are likely to recover within a period of eight weeks. Based on your requirements, you can perform different types of tummy tucks such as an extended tuck, which is a more involved process or a mini tuck that focuses on a smaller area in the region of the lower abdomen. The more detailed is the procedure of abdominal contouring, the more is the time of recovery.

Recovery after tummy tuck

One of the most important things to remember about the tummy tuck procedure is to follow the instructions of the surgeon fully. If you have any queries about the procedure, you must raise them in the doctor’s chamber. Selecting a plastic surgeon with board certification is recommended for the procedure of tummy tuck because they must have already completed rigorous training and meets the other safety protocols that the other surgeons meet. The board certification allows the surgeon to offer relevant advice about recovery and support during the process of healing.

Things to remember

You must remember the following aspects before going ahead with a tummy tuck.

·         Post-surgery effects

Your abdomen is going to be covered with a surgical dressing, and in several cases, small and thin tubes are present around the area of incision for draining the fluids that build up around it. It is one of the commonest effects of the surgery to note, and may not cause any additional discomfort. While taking rest after the surgery, you can take rest in specific angles during the first few days after the surgery. Apart from this, you have to follow the instructions of the doctor when you need to move to prevent the formation of blood clots.

·         Things to do daily

Your doctor is going to teach you how to take proper care of the opening made during the surgery and the drainage tubes. You may also need to take anticoagulants and antibiotics and topical creams for local applications.

·         At home

For the first few days after the surgery, you can take painkillers to get relief and restrict your mobility.

Resuming normalcy

Most people prefer to take month off while recovering from the surgery and it is the right option if your work is physically demanding. You may also experience numbness or a tingling sensation on the tummy for a few weeks or months, but it is going to go off with time.