What will happen at your first hair transplant check-up or hair transplant consultation?

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What will happen at your first hair transplant check-up or hair transplant consultation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair from one part of the body to a bald or bald portion of the body, known as the 'donor site'. Thinking about a hair transplant is a big decision, and at every step, a person needs to be very careful, the first and important decision about it is to choose a good hair transplant surgeon with enough qualification and certification in their field. 

But what to expect on your first hair transplant consultation? Your first consultation with your doctor profoundly affects the entire journey of your hair transplant, so be sure to know some things related to your hair transplant before consulting your doctor.

State your Medical History

To be a witness to a safe and successful hair transplant, it is most important that you inform your surgeon about everything related to your previous medical condition, taking into account your previous medical records and the appropriate hair restoration procedure.

Scalp Examination

After a consultation, a good surgeon performs a scalp assessment and examination to locate the area of ??hair loss and to plan the hair grafts needed for a successful hair transplant. In examining the scalp, the surgeon evaluates the hair density and the amount of thick and thin hair presented on the scalp. In this process of hair consultation, the surgeon examines your scalp and predicts success results and new hair growth on the bald area. At this time, you are advised to ask your surgeon every question related to a hair transplant.

That is why -

  • Always choose a plastic surgeon who is highly certified because they know from which angle to apply the hair.

  • Always choose the best surgeon, otherwise many people have got wrong results.

  • Check the previous record result.

  • Check the infrastructure of the clinic or not.

  • Remember that there is a difference between grafts and hair. Some clinics tell you the price of hair for marketing.

  • You ask them if the bald area will be completely covered or not.

Hair Transplant Process

Typically, there are two procedures to do your hair transplant or hair transplant, (FUT) and (FUE). Both of these procedures are effective, but a good surgeon recommends a method after examining the condition of your scalp or head and the bald area of ??your scalp. To have a safe and result-oriented hair transplant, your surgeon is always advised to decide the method and procedure of your hair transplant.