What Are The Hair Care Tips After Hair Transplant

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What Are The Hair Care Tips After Hair Transplant

When you decide the process of cashing in, do not get tired thinking about making your head appear full of hair. But in the meantime, do not forget that after the operation you will have to take care of them to get good results.

After the operation, your participation is important in following the operation that your hair restoration surgeon has given you after the operation. Therefore, if you want solution factor results, then it will be necessary to follow the instructions given below.

Before knowing this information, you have to make sure that you need to follow this information closely.


1] Your surgeon will give you 7 days of medicines to reduce pain after surgery.

2] will give you medicines for wounds for 7 days. Because the first three days you have to raise your head and sleep.

3] You will also be given medicines on wounds and swelling.

Hair cleaning

1] It would be very appropriate that you have to keep your hair and skin clean. You will get rid of dust, oil, blood, scab, or muddy from the place obtained by shampooing the hair properly. It is a pity that after the shampoo every day after surgery, the planted hair starts falling. But in the opinion of the surgeon, it is very important to keep the head skin clean and sterile.

2] If you see a crust or a piece of skin, do not be afraid, because it is a very simple thing that happens two or three weeks after surgery. That is why surgeons recommend that you apply the scalp one day later for one month. Wash and keep away from these things.

Use of Spray

1] After the surgery, you will feel itchy at the donor and receive a place for a few days. Then you will get desperate and want to dig in this place for rest. If you do this, the newly planted hair will be damaged and there will be bleeding. For the first few days, these grafts of the scalp are very delicate and sensitive.

2] Even then surgeons recommend hitting saline sprays at these places so that humidity remains in the itchy area and stops the feeling of itching. Stopping your hands to clean the scalp can definitely prevent your precious grafted hair loss.

Remaining Information

1] You need to keep away from any physical pain, drinking, or tasty food.

2] It would be appropriate that you keep the skin away from intense sunlight so that the wounds will heal quickly.

3] You can tie a handkerchief tied loosely for the first one to two weeks.

4] Make sure that your scalp has a good blood circulation, because the better the blood circulation, the quicker the improvement.

5] But do not do any stressful physical activity to increase blood circulation.

Initially, you will find it difficult, but you will be aware of the later news of this operation. Follow these information strictly to achieve your goal.