Toxin - Facial Contouring & Thinning of the Jaw

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Toxin - Facial Contouring & Thinning of the Jaw

The toxin has come a long way since it was first approved in 2002 by the FDA to treat wrinkles. It is now also used for the treatment of excessive sweating in the palms and armpits, which can lubricate the neck glands and for many off-label uses.

The small faces are the widest near the eye line and the narrowest at the jaw and chin, giving them an 'inverted triangle of beauty'. However, many women find their muscular jaws quite annoying and the reason is quite simple - the widest part of their face is to make their face square instead of oval or triangular.

While it may be due to your genetic makeup or due to an excess of chewing gum, it can also be a sign of stress - which can manifest in teeth grinding during sleep. Many people are not aware of this problem and wake up every morning with a strained jaw or headache. Excessive use of the chewing muscle- mass - is what makes it heavier and gives the lower part of your face a heavier appearance. The good news is that it can be easily taken care of with a few shots of venom.

The process itself is very fast, effective and painless. Just about 25 units are needed to make your jaw look thinner while relaxing hyperactive muscles and preserving muscle function. This causes slight pimples under the cheekbones, giving them a raised appearance and giving the face a more oval shape and a chiseled appearance. Visual results of facial contour with the toxin can be seen in 2 to 4 weeks. Repeat injections are required approximately every 7 to 8 months.

Although this is a very safe procedure, the wrong condition of injecting can cause complications. Furthermore, if the "square jawline" is due to the angular jaw instead of a heavy muscle, then this treatment may not give optimal results. The clinical expertise of the plastic surgeon you choose and their sound knowledge about facial anatomy is paramount before starting this journey.