The COVID-19 Impact on Hair Transplant Operations

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The COVID-19 Impact on Hair Transplant Operations

COVID 19 has adversely affected every business and Hair Transplant Industry is no exception. Although the Government of India is gradually easing the restrictions. However, it'd take some months to go back to normal. As we all are aware of the fact that the situation will remain tough in the near future. Therefore, we are writing this article to inform you about the current practice in the Hair Transplant Industry and how we are coping with it. We at Golden Aesthetics believe that the safety of our patients is our first & foremost concern. Thus, we are adhering to all advanced safety measures to keep our patients and staff members healthy.

Coronavirus Impact on Hair Transplant:

Being a responsible organization, the safety and well being of our patients is our topmost concern and we are truly committed to meet our patient's expectations during these tough times. We are opened to resolve all your hair loss problems, scalp treatment, and other hair problems. So if you are suffering from any sort of hair loss problem then don't wait for COVID 19 to end as the hair loss problem brings anxiety and stress along with them that may adversely affect your health. You can share all your concerns and treatment options available with us and we will ensure to resolve all your queries and problems while adhering to strict safety measures.

You must be curious to know what are the safety measures being taken by Golden Aesthetics to ensure your well being. Here we are listing down a few of the important safety measures adhered by us.

Pre Screening: We have started pre-screening all our clients while scheduling their appointment to check the symptoms and if we find that you've temperature or suffering from cold so we advise you to stay at the home. We provide virtual assistance to all our patients who we seem to have in a high-risk category. The pre-screening helps us in reducing the risk for our clients to get affected with this virus.

Sanitization: To ensure the well being of the clients we are aggressively sanitizing all our equipment, labs, procedure room, reception area, doorways, common areas, washroom, and every touchpoint. We are sanitizing our clinics at multiple times in a day to ensure your safety. All our staff members who attend clients sanitize their hands and wear masks for your safety.

Social Distancing: Social distancing is currently the only way to fight against this virus. And we are determined to abide by all social distancing norms at our clinic. We have arranged the sitting facility in our waiting room such that two patients have at least sit feet apart from each other. We have also removed newspapers, magazines, and all such things from our clinic that can pose the risk of spreading this virus.

Limiting the Number of Guests at Clinic: We request all our clients to visit clinics only for hair transplant procedures and if they have a strong reason to visit. To other patients, we are available on phone to resolve all their queries & questions. Also, we request all our patients to not bring their friends and family while visiting the clinic. We encourage them to come along in the clinic.

So these are the safety measures that we are adhering to in our clinic. If you have any questions and concerns related to the safety practices that we are taking for our clients. You can call us to inquire.