Surgeries included in Cosmetic Surgery!!

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Surgeries included in Cosmetic Surgery!!

Bruises, stitches, acne spots and white spots removal

The scar can be reduced by the operation. Due to scar scarring, considerable changes are seen on the face. Similarly, small stains, mole or white stains can also be removed. A skin transplant is not performed for acne or smallpox stains, but rather by rubbing that bad skin with a diamond dermabrader or trying to make the laser as flat as possible.

Nasal operation

A large or just wide nose can be made symmetrical without leaving any external markings. In this, the nasal bone is brought closer, so that the width of the top is reduced and the cartilage is cut at the bottom, which makes the nose look good. In the same way, the curvature of the nose can be removed or the sitting nose can be raised or the very raised nose can be lowered. In the same way, due to clenched lips, it can also cure eruptions of the nose.

Eye or eyelid operation

Many people complain that their eyes are always swollen and feel like they don't sleep at night. This is due to the accumulation of fat in the lower eyelid. When this happens in the upper eyelid, the eye feels heavy or looks like a Chinese person. Due to the removal of fat and excess skin by the operation, the eyes look young and the freshness is visible on the face.

Facial wrinkles

Fair skin, wrinkles on the face due to excessive use of cosmetics, incense, etc. also appear at an early age and soon the old age begins to appear. Injection of Botox can reduce wrinkles near the eyes and forehead. The operation also removes the wrinkled skin and stitches behind the ear, making scars less visible and reappearing on the face. By this operation, the neck of the neck hanging under the chin can also be pulled to make the neck shapelier. Double-looking chin fat can also be reduced.

Lips, cheeks and small chin

Many times, a small chin on a very attractive face can cause the balance of the face to be disturbed. In this operation, a layer of silicon is placed over the chin. It can create dimples on the cheeks or make the lips smaller or larger. There is no need to be hospitalized and a small operation can make the face very attractive.

Breast Surgery

A born underdeveloped or deformed chest can be enlarged or cured. When both breasts are small, they can be enlarged by inserting a silicone implant inside the operation. A very large thorax can cause skin disease or neck pain. Large breasts can be made small and normal. In the same way, a new breast can also be made in place of the breast removed due to cancer. The heavier breasts of males can also be reduced.


The stored fat can be pulled out by liposuction to reduce obesity. In addition to losing weight, this method is helpful in reducing fat which is not lost by exercising or diet control. Those whose abdomen is very large and hanging, require abdominoplasty. Making an incision in it removes fat and along with-it loose skin and wrinkles and can make the stomach shapely. By this method, the fat of belly, thigh, tendon, waist, breast, hands and chin can be reduced.