Look attractive with hairline lowering surgery

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Look attractive with hairline lowering surgery

Having a very large forehead can make you look awkward. The reason for this large forehead may be due to genetic factors, hair loss or prior surgery. Hair loss can be due to any reason, but it can range from treatment dose to hair transplant in Amritsar. This not only makes you feel awkward and aesthetically unsatisfied but also limits the number of hairstyles that you can actually wear on your broad forehead.

Both men and women are quite special about their looks these days. Therefore, they have also found a solution to this problem. Hairline reduction surgery, also known as forehead reduction, is adopted by people, to remove prominent forehead or hair. This is the most efficient way to make hairline at a natural level by reducing the hairline to 2 inches.

One should keep in mind that this is not actually lowering the forehead, but it just takes down the place where the hair grows and allows you to elevate your hairline some distance, which is different. - There are different types such that the height of the preoperative hairline depends on the brightness of the scalp. And the patient's preference, etc.

What are the different types of hairline procedures?

Hairline reduction refers to forehead reduction by surgical hairline elevation or hair grafting. The surgical hairline elevation is a surgery performed on the forehead in which a portion of the front skin of the hairline is removed, and the remaining portion is sewn backward resulting in the hairline becoming shorter. This usually results in a scar. The sewing part is important and central to the process. So always choose your surgeon wisely to make it without complications. While performing the surgery, a doctor will first evaluate the extent of the skin on your forehead, which can be removed without causing too much stretch. Complete hairline reduction treatment usually takes 2 to 3 hours to complete.

The hair is then grafted, which is an alternative method of reducing the hairline and involves grafting the hair in front of the hairline. If you do not want to opt for such surgery, then you can opt for hair grafting. This process is usually accomplished by enlarging the layers of hair and applying around 1200 to 2400 hair strands, leaving no scars behind. This is a long-drawn-out process than a hairline reduction procedure.


  • Do not wash your hair for at least two days after surgery to get the best results.
  • Do not involve yourself in vigorous activities like swimming, gyming, etc. for at least two weeks after surgery.
  • In case of swelling or irritation, apply ice to any area or take prescribed medicine for pain.
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke for a week before surgery as well as a week before.

What to expect after surgery?

The process will restore balance and good appearance in the face. It provides immediate results that can take up to 2 years to come with a hair transplant.

Hidden Scars: Hairline reduction surgery can leave a scar, which is usually hidden behind the hairline and is undesirable until the hair is wet. A qualified surgeon will know how to hide the scar through the hair grafting method.

Bruising and swelling: As the scalp is pushed forward, swelling and scratching are common after hairline reduction surgery, but they usually go away in a few days. By following a healthy diet and perioperative instructions of the physician, swelling and scratches will resolve more quickly.

Numbness: Most patients experience temporary numbness in the forehead and scalp after cosmetic surgery which usually completely disappears after a few months or sometimes days.

Patients can return to work after seven days from the procedure, using a scarf or loose-fitting cap to cover the area.