How to get the Ultimate Jawline?

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How to get the Ultimate Jawline?

Do you know that a sharp and defined jawline is a sign of fitness and youth? At any age, a well-defined jaw helps you look younger.

If you struggle to regain your dream line with diet and exercise, start having jewelry and loose skin to obscure your jawline and note that having a defined jawline affects your health and fitness. There are also some people who put more effort into their jawline and are not able to, they need not worry as there are few nonsurgical and surgical options available to you through modern plastic surgery in the market today.

Nonsurgical options

The redundant option is best for patients who have mild to the moderate-fat jawline, fairly well-defined chin area and minimal for loose skin around the jaw. Options include dermal filler, a neurotoxin, fat-melting injection agent, and surgical thread.

The dermal fills in the jaw

By injecting the dermal fillers directly into the jawline, your bony ankles and sidewalls grow. It works best in patients who do not have a hard-bony edge. Results are immediate and final approximately 12 to 18 months, depending on the dermal filler used.

Neurotoxin muscle

Botulinum toxin (Botox, Disport, or Xeomin) is placed directly into the muscles of the facial muscles, thinning your overall facial shape to a slightly more V-like shape.

Deoxycholic Acid for neck and Chin Fat

If you have mild excess fat, your fat is melted with deoxycholic acid. Acid is required based on how much fat you have in the jaw area. The results are permanent, and you need to maintain your overall weight.

Surgical thread to tighten loose skin

Surgical threads are placed around the jowls to tighten your loose skin. Depending on the size of your jeweler, more threads may also be required. The surgical thread is held for a maximum period of 6 to 12 months.

Surgical option

Surgical options are for patients who have thick and loose skin around the neck and jawline areas.

Neck Liposuction

If there is excess fat under the skin and your neck muscles are down, liposuction is performed on the neck and jawline area to remove the fat and give you a defined jawline. The result of which will last for your last year or lifetime as it is physically removed.

Neck Lift

An incision is made behind your ear and under the chin, the skin of your neck is raised high, allowing your neck muscles, fat, and supporting structures to reach your neck. The neck lift gives the most accessible and good long-term results because all the structures that can define your jaw - the skin, fat, muscles, SMAS, and salivary glands - can be addressed in the process of giving you maximum results over the years.

Radiofrequency Energy

Radiofrequency energy works to tighten loose skin. RF is used along with other procedures to tighten the skin of your neck, making your neck skin more smooth and tight above your paws.

What is the best option for you to achieve your dream line? You can correctly assess your neck and jawline at home, and find the best option for you by consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon.