Hair fall in Men and Women

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Hair fall in Men and Women

The age of hair is decreasing not in one or two years but in decades. Hair loss, white or baldness since the age of 20 in men and 30 in women suggests that unhealthy lifestyles and food are making them victims.

Baldness is considered one of the most prominent external causes of puberty. Although baldness is a physical condition, it affects people's lives by becoming a psychological problem. This affects not only the attractiveness of the person but also his / her confidence. Baldness is found more in men than in women. By age 60, two out of three men become bald. However, due to unhealthy lifestyle and erratic eating, now the youth are also struggling with hair problems which were earlier seen only at a young age. Untimely white men and women.

Hair loss condition

The hair usually undergoes a regular growth cycle. In the anagen phase, the duration of which is three to four years, the hair grows. During the telogen phase, which lasts for about three months, the hair relaxes. Then at the end of the telogen phase, hair loss and new hair are replaced in their place. Falling 50-60 hairs per day is normal, but prolonged hair loss is a danger bell. Each time 10% of our hair is in 'resting state' and falls off after 2-3 months and new hair replaces them. In some people, hair loss is more common than normal. The reason for this is the weakening of the skull.

Caffeine, junk food, and increased stress are the main causes of hair loss. Genetic factors also affect hair quality.

Use upper head infections, bleach, curl hair regularly and a variety of products (straightener, spray, gel), thyroid imbalance, excessive stress, hormone imbalance, pregnancy, chronic and dandruff hair loss.

Premature white hair

Melanin is a pigment that is one reason for changing hair color. It is formed by melanocyte cells located in the hair follicle. Research has revealed that melanocyte damage occurs with aging, affecting melanin production. The new hair that grows due to this melanin-forming disorder has no dyes, making them appear white. Some people have white hair in their teens. Major causes include stress and nutritional deficiencies. However, genetic factors also play an important role in whitening untimely hair. Research has revealed that vitamin B12 deficiency is found in people whose hair turns untimely white.

Baldness problem is more in men than women

Baldness is medically called androgenic alopecia. This problem is more visible in men because estrogen is not found in female hormones, which act as a protective shield against hair loss. The male hormone testosterone also plays a major role in the disappearance of men's hair follicles. Modern research has proved that testosterone and baldness are directly related. Bald men typically have high testosterone levels. Testosterone hormone is also found in women, but its levels are low, so they have less baldness. Although the problem of baldness is increasing among women these days, the reasons are more external than internal. From pollution to hair, many styles and the use of chemicals also damage the outer layer of hair, ie the cuticle.

Hair loss is also different in women and men. Hair loss usually starts in men. This is called male pattern baldness. It is regulated by the gene and the male hormone testosterone. This pattern differs in women. In the femoral pattern, the hair falls from the very top of the skull and no further hair falls.

Seasonal hair loss factors

Have you realized that your hair looks thicker in winter and thinner in summer? If the hair is falling due to seasonal reasons, the period should not exceed four months. The number of hairs should not be double the number of hairs falling in normal condition, otherwise, contact the experts. Prolonged exposure to sunlight also affects melatonin levels in the scalp. This makes phasing longer. Dandruff is also an important cause of hair loss.