Gynecomastia - Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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Gynecomastia - Male Breast Reduction Surgery

How does male breast reduction occur?

Male breast reduction is a type of surgery related to men's chests. In which the chest of a man starts to develop like the breasts of women. Jeans or other causes are responsible for this breast growth in men. This problem is called Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can occur in men at any age. The surgery that is done to reduce the bulge of the breasts is called male breast reduction surgery. This is a safe surgery. Which can be done by both teenagers and adults. The main objective of male breast reduction is to flatten the chest by removing enlarged glandular tissue and fat on the chest of men. Along with this, the correct size of the chest of the male is also given through this surgery.

When is male breast reduction surgery needed?

Often, when a man's weight increases and fat increases in every place in the body. After that, when he decreases the weight, the increased fat on the chest does not decrease. In such a situation, the chest of a man looks like that of women. Glandular tissues are also responsible for the growth of the male breast. Because of this, the suffering man has to face shame or become a joke in front of people. In such a case, doctors recommend surgery. After which the male chest becomes normal.

What do I need to know before undergoing male breast reduction surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is not safe for everyone. The following must be done for this surgery

To perform this surgery, a person's skin should have good elasticity properties. Because the skin needs to shrink after surgery.

These surgeries can be performed for people under 50 years.

The person undergoing male breast reduction surgery does not consume steroids, cannabis or alcohol, etc.

The person undergoing surgery should not weigh more than about 13 kg of his/her BMI. For example, if your BMI weighs 50 kg, however, you are 63 kg. Because if you are overweight then surgery cannot be done.

What can be the side effects of male breast reduction surgery?

There is not much risk in male breast reduction surgery. But whatever you are, you should know. You will feel slight discomfort on the chest during or after surgery. Also, swelling, scarring, numbness may be felt on the chest.

Some of the following problems may also occur:

      • Infection
      • skin lesion
      • Excess bleeding
      • Anesthesia Reaction
      • Chest Fluid

Note: Do not keep the size of both nipples or chest equal after surgery

How should I prepare myself for male breast reduction surgery?

Smoking should be stopped a month before surgery.

Do not expose yourself to the sun for about two weeks before surgery.

Blood thinners such as aspirin should be discontinued.

You should see your doctor before surgery. You should talk to your doctor about your medications (which you are already taking), allergies and health conditions. Along with this, you should also meet your anesthetist and plan the procedure of unconsciousness or numbness during surgery.

Know from your doctor what food you should drink before the surgery. Also, ask your doctor how many hours before surgery to stop drinking food. You should also tell the family members about the instructions given by the doctor. In most cases, nothing has to be eaten six hours before the surgery. In this case, take only the fluids or drinks prescribed by the doctor.

After the surgery, you will have to stay in the hospital for some time. So take clothes and your essentials with you.

What is the procedure done in male breast reduction surgery?

It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to perform male breast reduction surgery. But its timing depends on the process of performing the surgery.

Anesthetists make you unconscious before performing male breast reduction surgery. After this, make an incision in the underside of your nipple. After this, with the help of liposuction, we remove the increased fat on the chest. Liposuction is a type of surgery in which fat is taken out of the body like a vacuum. After this, the surgeon makes a good soldier on the incision.

What happens after male breast reduction surgery?

Immediately after gynecomastia surgery, you will notice changes in your chest.

How long it will take for you to recover after surgery depends on your physical condition.

To reduce swelling on surgery, you can bake with ice. Repeat this process for a few days.

Apart from all these things, if you face any kind of problem, then definitely meet and consult your Plastic surgeon and doctor.

Male breast reduction surgery removes fat, glandular tissue and skin from your chest. After this, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle.