Chest Implants for Men – What You Need to Know

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Chest Implants for Men – What You Need to Know

More and more men are working rigorously to attain the desired level of masculinity on the chest area. Such efforts can become successful now with the pectoral and chest implants. Believe it or not, but it is gradually becoming one of the most popular methods of growing chest hair in men. Various factors come to play before you decide to undergo the surgery such as genetics, injury, or defects in the growth. Some of the leading practices offer pectoral implants and provide men with customized solutions to help them achieve the goals. The surgeons need to determine the right size and shape of implant to get the best.

What are the things you need to have to become eligible for pectoral implants?
• Your pectoral muscles must be underdeveloped and you are keen to improve your chances.
• Your chest must be asymmetrical.
• You are athletic and keen to enhance the chest definition.
• You are healthy and have practical expectations.

Pros and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of chest implants.
• It helps in improving the contour of the chest and helps in achieving the appearance of thick muscles or bulk.
• Implants in the chest cannot modify the definition of the pectoral muscles.
• The procedure of chest implant can be custom-designed with ease and provides a specific shape of the chest.
• Often the implants may result in feminine or unnatural looks.
• The procedure make you more confident due to the enhanced pec muscles.
• Chances of asymmetry to occur when the implants move or are displaced.

Information About the Procedure

You must read the following before the doctors perform the pectoral implants.
• During the first consultation, the surgeon which is to perform the surgery must measure the chest and explain different sizes and shapes of implants available.
• The patients are usually administered with general anesthesia as they need to undergo heavy sedation before the procedure begins.
• Usually, a small incision of about two inches in length is to be made in the regions where hair growth is seen, which is the armpit.
• You have to insert special surgical tools through the incision for the creation of a pocket or space, which is generally between the pectoralis major and the minor muscles of the chest.
• After this, the implants that are chosen rely on the measurements that the surgeon makes before the surgery and the implants are place d between the pectoralis muscles.
• The surgeon closes the opening or the incision and repeats the same procedure on the opposite side.
• After the completion of the procedure, the surgeon pouts a compression garment to lower the possibility of implant shift or swelling.

Things to know

When it comes to the pectoral implants, you will find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are usually made from solid silicone, which is flexible and soft as well. As they are not made from silicone gel, there is fewer opportunities of leak and tear. Asymmetry or other deformities, you have to choose personalized implants to fit your needs. Finally, it is necessary to select a surgeon with experience of performing this procedure with ease.