Baldness in Humans

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Baldness in Humans

Can you imagine a man without hair? Of course, the answer for most of you would be 'such a fantasy would be bizarre and ridiculous'. It is also true that hair is connected to us in such a way that without them our personality seems incomplete. In the Stone Age, the entire body of human hair was like a gorilla. With the gradual development of humans, these hairs became shorter. Scientists believe that there will be a time in the future that there will be no hair on the human body, not even the hair on the head can gradually disappear.

Hair is the component of our skin that protects us from cold, heat, and accidents, as well as our beauty. Female or male baldness consumes everyone. Nobody wants people to call him bald. But nowadays baldness is becoming a common problem.

A young man has about five million pores on his body, of which about one lakh is only on the head and the rest on the whole body, these figures are almost equal in women and men, as the age of the pore also decreases. There are three stages of hair growth. The first condition is that of growth called anagen. It lasts for about three years. The second condition is that of ketogenic, which has no activity. This condition lasts for about two weeks. The third condition that lasts for a few weeks is a state of rest.

Baldness means that the place where most of the hair is found, there are two types of hair loss or baldness in the place. In rashes baldness, the skin and hair roots become so damaged that it is almost impossible for hair to regrow. Such a situation arises due to deep wounds on the head, burning, and destruction of hair roots by any chemical. Pulling too much time to straighten curly hair also destroys hair roots. Many diseases such as cerebral cell resection, leprosy, caries, abscesses, infection in the pus-filled wound, herpes zoster, scleroderma, herpes simplex, and erythematous, etc. are the cause of rashes. Tumor in the brain and hair roots can cause baldness even in an extraordinary disease called Pilli Forty.

Unspecific baldness is caused by a wound on the upper surface of the scalp. In this type of baldness, only the hair falls, but the root of the hair remains safe. This type of baldness makes the regeneration of hair relatively easy. This type of baldness is often seen in women after delivery, sometimes this problem is also seen in newborns.

Like men, women are also prone to baldness, but this process is very slow in them. Like women, hormones, increasing age, and congenital tendencies are also responsible for baldness in women. Women have less hair fall than men because women have less male hormones. Women’s hair falls from both sides of the forehead and head. In some women, male hormones become more secretive, so in their old age, some hair also appears in their beards and mustaches.

The presence of male hormones in the body is very important. Women also have male hormones, but their effect is seen only when the effect of estrogen decreases with age.

There are five types of baldness in men. 

  • The first type of baldness occurs in the middle of the hair and right and left side, it starts first. 

  • The second type of baldness is long, flattened, or round shape in which the hairs in the middle, as well as the back of the middle part, are blown off. 

  • In the third type of baldness, hair from the hairline to the back flies rapidly. 

  • In the fourth type of baldness, the middle part of the head becomes completely bald and the hair below appears divided into three parts. 

  • In the fifth type of baldness, only a thin line of hair is visible on the three sides of the head.

According to experts, 20–25 hair loss is normal every day but when the same number reaches 100 or more it becomes a matter of concern. Medicines that remove baldness often prevent hair loss for a short time. Many people also fall prey to the side effects of these drugs.

Follicular micro hair grafting technique is considered to be the best in the world for regrowing hair in old age. In this technique, the roots of the hair of a person's life are transplanted by micro-surgery. Even in the worst condition, 8 to 10 thousand hair roots are such that they can be transplanted. Since this flexion action is under the influence of local anesthesia, the patient remains fully conscious but does not feel pain. By this method, the hair of the patient can be grafted at will in a day, which continues to grow later.

Those people who are victims of baldness can take advantage of this technique as well as those who have short beards, mustache, or eyebrows for some reason can also use it. People who have lost hair due to injuries or burns in childhood can also grow hair again using the technique.

This technique of hair grafting is not only science but also art. The 90 percent benefit of this technique depends on the artistic ability of the doctor, so before making your treatment, make sure that the doctor specializes in the use of this technique.